Regulations concerning road transportation of dangerous goods(JT/T617-2018)
UN No. Shipping name and description (CN) Shipping name and description (EN) Class Classification code Packing group Labels Special provisions Limited quantities Excepted quantities Packing instructions Special packing provisions Mixed packing provisions Portable tanks and bulk containers instructions Special portable tanks and bulk containers provisions Tank code Special tank provisions Vehicle for tank carriage Transport category (Tunnel restriction code) Special provisions for carriage - Packages Special provisions for carriage - Bulk Special provisions for carriage - Loading, unloading and handing Special provisions for carriage - Operation Hazard identification No.
1301 乙酸乙烯酯,稳定的 VINYL ACETATE, STABILIZED, 3 F1 II 3 1L E2 P001;IBC02;R001 MP19 T4 TP1 LGBF FL 2;(D/E) S2;S20 339
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