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Source Claim Chemical information contained in this system is obtained from the official websites of international organisations, governments and enterprises and other authorities. If any companies or individuals believe that any information contained in this system might infringe their legitimate rights and interests, please send us a written notice in a timely manner and provide proof of identity and ownership, the URL to the allegedly infringing content and supporting documentation for the allegation of infringement. REACH24H will deal with the issue as soon as possible after receiving the foregoing mentioned legal documents, however, the system does not assume any responsibility for this according to the law.

Disclaimer REACH24H can not guarantee that: (1) this system fully meets your requirements; (2) the results obtained by using this system service are correct and reliable.
Regarding the accuracy and timeliness of the chemical information contained in this system, please check the original official documents and the official database for confirmation if necessary. REACH24H is not responsible for any consequences resulting from the use of information in this system.
The Compliance Report generated by the system only serves as a reference for you to carry out an internal audit for regulatory compliance. REACH24H does not assume any responsibility for your use of the Compliance Report.
We reserve the right to modify, transfer or delete the contents in the system at any time without notice.

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1. Use these graphics;
2. Obtaining data, information and materials of the system
3.Affect the normal services of the system through unconventional methods (such as malicious intervention in the system data);
4. Capture data from this system automatically by software programs.
Otherwise, REACH24H will pursue legal responsibility according to the law.

Notes Chemical substance name: For certain substance groups (e.g., *** compounds, *** salts, or a substance having two or more isomers), depending on the search conditions, the system may not be able to provide precise information on each substance. It is recommended to search such substance by inputting its name in Chinese.
To determine whether a substance is regulated by certain laws and regulations, please contact relevant authorities of certain countries or regions or feel free to contact us.
If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between different language versions of this Terms of Use, the Simplified Chinese version shall prevail.
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