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China Hazchem Consultation Service
China Hazchem Registration/Production&Operation&Use Licensing; Consultation Service for Precursors/Chemicals subject to Supervision and Control/Highly Toxic Chemicals/Explosive Precursors/Severely Restricted Toxic Chemicals, etc.
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Global GHS
UN GHS/EU CLP/China GHS/SDS&Label Preparation
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EHS Compliance Strategy and Solution in China
EHS Regulatory Consultation Service/EHS Compliance Audit/EHS Training
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REACH Compliance
EU REACH one-stop compliance services, including Registration, Extended Safety Data Sheet (eSDS) Preparation, SVHC Notification, REACH Supply Chain Compliance System, Full Compliance Analysis, etc., as well as REACH-like compliance services for other countries (Turkey KKDIK, UK REACH, Eurasia REACH, etc.)
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TSCA Bona Fide Intent Notice/ Certification Statement/ Pre-manufacture Exemption (LVE/LoREX/TME Notification, Polymer Exemption, etc.)/ Pre-manufacture Notice (PMN)/ Significant New Use Notification (SNUN)/ Chemical Data Reporting (CDR)/ TSCA Compliance Analysis and other TSCA compliance services in the United States
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China New Chemical Registration Service (MEE Order No.12)
Comprehensive IECSC Search/Data Analysis/Test Monitoring/Record Registration/Simplified Registration/Regular Registration/New Use Management Registration/Non-testing Assessment Report/Risk Assessment Report/Tailor-make Training
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Taiwan Chemical Registration Service (TCCSCA)
PLC Exemption/Small Quantity/Simplified/Standard Registration for New Chemicals; Phase I and Phase II Registration for Existing Chemicals/TPR Service; Test Monitoring; Data Brokerage; Hazard Assessment; Confidentiality Application; Tailor-make Training
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Japan CSCL Registration Service
METI Number Search/Registration Protocol/New Chemical Small Volume Exemption/Low Volume Production Notification/Regular Notification/Test Monitoring/Tailor-make Training
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About ChemCheck
ChemCheck is a free online search system launched by REACH24H Consulting Group. It enables you to check by entering CAS number or chemical name if your chemical substances are listed in the substance inventories of different countries and regions. You can also get comprehensive information about the hazard classification, compliance duties of businesses, etc. Founded in 2009, REACH24H is a consulting company specialized in providing one-stop global market access services to companies in the field of industrial chemicals, agrochemical, cosmetics, food, food contact materials and pharmaceuticals. With headquarters in Hangzhou, China, REACH24H has branches in the United States, Ireland, UK, South Korea and China's Taiwan, aiming to provide 24-hour global consulting services, including product notification and registration, regulatory information, news feeds, training, seminars and open courses, as well as Internet-based supply chain management software. For more information, please visit the website:
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14th Floor, Building No. 3, Haichuang Technology Center, 1288 West Wen Yi Road, Hangzhou, China 311121